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Membership Terms & Conditions


I hereby undertake annual membership of the Upper Beaconsfield Toy Library. I agree to produce proof of identity and my current residential address, notifying the library as soon as possible of any changes to my contact details, providing proof on request.


I accept that the library is not responsible for, and no liability is accepted for, any loss or damage caused by or resulting from the use of library toys or items and give permission for my personal details to be available to the Toy Library Committee, supervising volunteers and Community Centre administration staff for the purpose of registration and correspondence.


I am aware that membership is annual (operating during school terms & closed on public holidays) and expires at the end of the calendar year as dated on my membership. I understand that I am responsible for the return or renewal of items borrowed by the due date or pay the applicable overdue charges. Current Terms & Conditions and operating times are subject to changes.


I agree to perform duty once a term (capped at 1 hour, up to 4 x a year) otherwise pay the equivalent duty levy fee. Duty reminders and the roster will be managed by our online service, taking into account your preferences. I understand that if I cannot attend a duty session/request or need to change a date; that I am responsible for notifying the library within a reasonable timeframe to arrange another date, either online or by contacting a toy library team member.

2020: Please read our current FAQ information on membership duty requirements or enquire on joining


I undertake to look after all toy library belongings whilst in my care and accept responsibility for all items borrowed, notifying the library as soon as possible of any loss or damage.


I agree to pay a fine for any lost or damaged toy or its pieces, or if there is misuse agree to pay the cost. The fine for a missing or damaged toy piece ranges from $1 to $5 according to its importance to the toy. I agree to pay these charges before borrowing more items.


Family membership allows a member to borrow up to 5 toys, at any one time, of which only 1 can be a large toy (free standing or in a medium to large box or bag). Jumping castles are 1 week loans only – no renewals. Other loans are for 2 weeks and can be renewed once.


If I fail to return a toy I agree to pay any late fees at the rate of $1 per toy per session or the costs associated with the retrieval or replacement of the toy.


Where possible, and preferably before borrowing, I will count the number of pieces to the toy and will have them counted back on return. In the case of any discrepancy regarding lost/damaged pieces, I understand my options are that I can either re-borrow the toy to try and reunite all pieces, or purchase a replacement piece and return the toy complete or pay a fine on the day.


A breach of any of these terms and conditions of use will result in the withdrawal or suspension of membership privileges.


We ask all members to:

  • Clean toys before their return. Members may be asked to clean toys onsite or re-borrow if the toy is returned unclean
  • Respect the rights of other library and centre users and volunteers
  • Help with fundraising where possible
  • Supervise children at all times while at the library or centre
  • Return all toys by the last open day of the year


Updated February 28, 2020


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